About Ajay Patri

Associate Fellow

Ajay Patri is an Associate Fellow at the Takshashila Institution and a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. His interests include the technology and policy, and the study of philosophy and ethics. He also writes fiction. 

His blogposts on Pragati Express can be found here.

Research Outputs
  1. The New Courtroom Dramas, Pragati, October 2018
    The Supreme Court judgement that agrees to the broadcasting of certain court proceedings is a positive one. However, there is a need for more clarity around how it will be implemented.
  2. The Devil in the Details, Pragati, August 2018
    The Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 is a step in the right direction in so far as it puts the individual at the centre. However, it does have several shortcomings that must be addressed before it is passed as a statute. Written with Manasa Venkataraman.
  3. India would benefit from curbing hate speech more than creating a new lynching law, The Print, July 2018
    Changes to the law must address the ability of police and prosecution agencies to act against those who create climate for mobilised violence. This should involve overhauling the provisions against hate speech instead of introducing a new anti-lyching law.
  4.  Did you pay your phone bill online? Such data can be used to build your credit history, The Print, March 2018
    The questions around the use of credit scores must identify the databases being used to arrive at credit scores and the boundaries, if any, beyond which the law must step in. 
  5. How To Open Up Our Courts, Pragati, January 2018
    The transcripts of the proceedings in the Indian courts must be published. This will provide a boost to judicial transparency and hold the State accountable for the positions it takes.
  6. The Dilemmas of Gene Editing, Pragati, November 2017
    A review of A Crack in Creation, by Jennifer Doudna and Samuel Sternberg.
  7. Data Protection is Good for Everyone, Pragati, August 2017
    Too often the interests of individuals and those who collect and process data are painted as being at odds with each other. This is not necessarily the case, with there being plenty of scope to align these interests in the same direction.
  8. The Origins of the Right to Privacy, Pragati, July 2017
    A review of the seminal law review article The Right to Privacy, by Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis. 
  9. Making Labour Laws Less Labourious, Pragati, July 2017
    India’s labour laws need to be revisited to reduce the sheer number of them and consolidate their content into simplified codes.
  10. Ideas for the Future, Pragati, April 2017
    A review of Utopia for Realists, by Rutger Bregman.

I’m not a Data Subject, but a Data Principal!, August 2018
This episode of the Pragati Podcast takes a first look at the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 and what its possible implications will be for the future of data protection in India.