Takshashila and B.PAC start the second batch of civic leadership training in Bangalore

The Takshashila Institution and Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) started the second batch of B.CLIP: B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Programme.

B.CLIP aims to create a pool of good civic leaders who will actively engage in ward level management and administration of the city to improve its governance. The programme comprises of two phases: 3 months of part-time training programme and 6 months of on-field work in Bangalore.

The first batch of the B.CLIP programme started their classroom training in December 2013, starting with a batch of 66 participants. This batch of participants completed their classroom training in March 2014 and are in the field phase of the programme.

Inauguration of the second B.CLIP batch took place on June 7 and classes started on June 13, 2014. 60 participants have been invited to join the leadership programme after a rigorous process of applications and interviews.

As BPAC’s knowledge and training partner for B.CLIP, Takshashila has developed a customised training programme for aspiring civic leaders and corporators from Bangalore. The training will have English and Kannada language facilitators.

The teaching staff include Nitin Pai, Mukul Asher, Narayan Ramachandran, Karthik Shashidhar, Pavan Srinath and Avinash Gowda as core faculty. Experts and practitioners will be taking guest lectures along with several others.

Over a 100 hours of classroom education will be provided on three tracks of topics, concept, practice and field tracks; including on the municipal ecosystem, economic reasoning, persuasion, public finance and city-specific case studies. Students will be asked to prepare a “ward action plan and manifesto” using what they have learnt in the course and try to implement parts of it during six months of field work subsequent to the in-class training.