Rohit Shenoy addresses students at IIT Madras on the role of Technology in Public Policy

IIT Madras, 04 – 05 Jan 2020

The Takshashila Institution partnered with Shaastra 2020, the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The festival is held over four days during the first week of January.

The Takshashila Institution were the knowledge partners for the Shaastra Technology & Policy (STeP) initiative. STeP, a four-month-long policymaking competition, concluded with a three-day conference at Shaastra 2020. Its mission is to make the world a better place, aided by technology for the greater good. It presented a unique opportunity to create real impact and solve societal problems, through public policy. The Takshashila Institution mentored participants from graduate colleges across India. The participants evangelised policy-based solutions for some of India’s higher education challenges.

During the event, Rohit Shenoy, Head of Policy School, addressed students on the role of technology in public policy. He also evaluated the final presentations of the policymaking competition on education. The winners received their awards from C. Rangarajan, former Governor, the Reserve Bank of India.