Rohan Seth quoted in the Deccan Chronicle on the issue of Indian data being leaked on the dark web

Recently, ~5 lakh bank cards’ data was put on sale on dark web, Deccan Chronicle quoted Rohan Seth on the issue.

“India is sort of a paradox when it comes to adopting data practices. Owing to our large population size, we need the best practices, but if experience is anything to go by, we are not willing to do a lot to adopt them. India is reportedly the second most affected country due to cyberattacks, Almost 70 per cent organizations are at risk of a data breach and in 2019, Indian organizations lost `12.8 crore to data breaches. Indian organizations have been guilty of leaving parts of their websites exposed. So information that should only be accessible to people with a username and password, comes up indexed in Google, allowing anyone to access it. There have also been reports of Aadhar data being stored and transported in hard disks.”