Regarding participants at Takshashila events and contributors to our publications


Regarding participants at Takshashila events & contributors to our publications

We have noticed several tweets over the past day insinuating a connection between the Takshashila Institution and Mr Nilim Dutta, a person who has reportedly been arrested by Assam Police in Dispur. We regard these insinuations preposterous: Mr Dutta has not ever been and is not associated with the Takshashila Institution in any manner whatsoever.

Mr Dutta has written two articles for Pragati—The Indian National Interest Review, our monthly magazine on strategic affairs, public policy and governance on a topic concerning North East India. His articles were published based on the editorial opinion of their content in June and October 2010. Our policy is to trust our contributors to declare their backgrounds and affiliations. Our magazine has been in continuous publication since April 2007, during which we have had over 400 contributors. While such a policy can be abused, we remain committed to a trust-and-honour based approach.

Mr Dutta also registered to participate at our Shala in Pune on May 29, 2011, but did not attend the event. He was among the over 200 participants (full list here) who registered and among those who requested an opportunity to speak on issues concerning North East India. Our Shalas are an open event designed to provide a platform for dynamic Indians interested in public policy to share their ideas with each other, and have been very successful towards this end. We remain committed to this goal.

As should be clear from the above, none of this implies Mr Dutta is associated with the Takshashila Institution. It is absurd to expect publications and seminar organisers to be responsible for the writings and doings of their writers/participants elsewhere. The Takshashila Institution neither endorses nor is responsible in any manner for Mr Dutta’s writings and activities.

The above is without prejudice to police case against Mr Dutta.

For more information, please contact Mr Aruna Urs, Programme Manager, at +91 77603 14123 or through this contact form.

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The Takshashila Institution is an independent, non-partisan think tank on India’s strategic affairs and public policy, registered in Chennai and with offices in Bangalore. It is a public charitable trust supported by donors who are Indian nationals, conducts policy research, education and publishes Pragati—The Indian National Interest Review & the Indian National Interest platform for bloggers.

Updated on February 5th, 2013. An earlier version of this statement missed out the second article written by Mr Dutta for Pragati.