Re: The PLA Insight: Special Issue + Regular Newsletter no 52: Impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Armed Forces; Expeditionary Operations; AI and the PLA

I. The Takshashila Assessment: Impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Armed Forces

The People’s Liberation Army played a prominent role in the Chinese leadership’s effort to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. Starting late January, China deployed thousands of PLA medics on the frontlines of Wuhan and Hubei province to help fight the outbreak. Besides the PLA, PAP and militia also aided in infrastructure building and provision of essential supplies. The PLA, in a press conference, claimed that there had been no cases of infection among the ranks of the deployed personnel.

My colleague and the head of China Studies Programme at the Takshashila Institution, Manoj Kewalramani, and I decided to examine this claim. We are happy to share our latest document on the impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese armed forces.

We study four aspects:

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