What’s new in Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech? ‘Middle class’

Used 7 times in Monday’s speech, the phrase middle class was completely absent from Narendra Modi’s earlier Independence Day speeches

Research Publication: Karnataka’s Changing Fiscal Landscape after FFC

Pranay Kotasthane and Varun Ramachandra Analyse the State’s Finances after the Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC). Download the Full Publication in PDF (114KB) Analysing the second Karnataka budget since the Fourteenth...

Regulating HFT in India

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has set a cat among the HFT (High Frequency Trading) pigeons by proposing seven measures to curb the impact of HFT and...

The trouble with ‘inflation expectations’

The inflation forecast plays a key role in determining RBI’s monetary policy, but it is derived from a flawed survey

What to expect from Wimbledon this year

What style of play will dominate this year? A crowdsourced database of professional matches offers some pointers

How rural and urban inflation compare in India

Since 2012, year-on-year rural inflation has been on an average about 60 basis points higher than year-on-year urban inflation

Three thoughts on Independence Day

A beacon of liberal nationalism We are like a lighthouse, a beacon of liberal nationalism. Freedoms are enshrined in the Constitution, but will be lost unless protected. We stand strongly...

Research Publication: Sketching Out India’s Role in the Asia-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific region has witnessed a huge surge in economic interaction, demographics and transnational security in recent years. The 2016 Australian Defence White Paper affirms that this is Australia’s region...

Policy Brief: Capacity Analysis for Evacuation of Indian Diaspora

Capacity Analysis for Evacuation of Indian Diaspora By Guru Aiyar, Takshashila Fellow Download the brief in PDF format (889KB) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since 1991, India has been involved in six major evacuations...

Harry Potter – 19 years later

According to JK Rowling, this is the last Harry Potter story. For each one of us - the biggest fans of Harry Potter - this is devastating

Online activism viewed through the “exit, voice and loyalty” framework

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) WhatsApp and Facebook action groups, petitions, and online grievance reporting are now commonplace manifestations of citizens demanding better public services, particularly in the urban areas...

Chronicles of crisis

Star economist Thomas Piketty’s collection of columns does not have quite the impact of his bestselling Capital, but does pick up speed in the latter half when he leaves the...

Book review — Afghanistan Post-2014: Power Configurations and Evolving Trajectories

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) [An edited version of this review first appeared in The Seminar Magazine’s July 2016 edition] A comprehensive volume that throws light on Afghanistan’s polity in a period...

Six books that you should have read already

Books that do what great literature promises - keep you engrossed and make you think

Why is India unable to ‘swing’?

India’s portfolio of capabilities to deliver pain to China (and the US) is not sufficiently developed, constraining India’s ability to swing between US and China. by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) The...

Small worlds and public opinion

Why a 74% approval rating for the Prime Minister is consistent with largely negative commentary on social media

PM Modi’s approval rating remains high 2 years into term: poll

Two years into his term as prime minister, Narendra Modi’s approval rating remains high at 74%, a poll by instaVaani has found

Privatising Film Certification: Towards a Modern Film Rating Regime

Privatising Film Certification: Towards a Modern Film Rating Regime Madhav Chandavarkar, Adhip Amin, Shikha Pathak, Siddarth Gore, Devika Kher and Guru Aiyar, The Takshashila Institution Download the policy advisory in PDF...

Seven Steps India Must Take to Help Afghanistan in Its War for Survival

As Modi heads to Herat, the worsening situation on the ground for the Afghan security forces provides an opportunity for India to retool its policy towards that country.

Narendra Modi’s approval rating remains high: Poll

Two years into his term as prime minister, Narendra Modi’s approval rating remains high at 74%, a poll by instaVaani has found

On regulating geospatial information

A license-permit raj for maps Just read that draft geospatial information bill. #felloffmychair — Nitin Pai (@acorn) May 6, 2016 My responses to Times of India’s Kim Arora on the...

The true value of Indian unicorns

Investments in start-ups come attached with downside protection clauses, which are like a put option written by existing investors in favour of new investors

Was the India-Bangladesh World T20 match really interesting?

The short answer to the question is yes, and we built a math model to prove it

India and the US—Pakistan partnership

How should India view the US—Pakistan relationship? What are the circumstances under which the US will cease its support to Pakistan’s military—jihadi complex? by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) In my previous post,...

A representation of the US policy on Pakistan

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) We have long argued that Pakistan is not one geopolitical entity, but two: the putative state (represented currently by a civilian government), and the military—jihadi complex (MJC)...

Three Indian schools of thought on the India—US partnership

A note on the retaliatory, bandwagoning, and swing power strategies. by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter’s recently concluded India visit was keenly tracked — the attention garnered...

Water, IPL and the ease of doing business

The latest controversy surrounding the just-about-to-start ninth edition of the IPL (a court case challenging its staging in Maharashtra while farmers are dying in Vidarbha) is a clear illustration of...

How govt statisticians think India lives

At a fundamental level, the concept of a common inflation rate is flawed—for different households have different consumption patterns

Why the Modi government must ignore Pakistan

High level engagement of Pakistan is a waste of diplomatic capacity and political capital Pakistan’s decision to ‘suspend’ the peace process with India along with the ‘co-operation’ on investigating the...

The land above the tracks

Almost exactly a year ago, we were on our way from Vienna to Budapest and ended up reading the Vienna Hauptbahnhof Railway Station some three hours early. It had been...
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