Currency valuation: Liquidity and the Big Mac Index

The problem with a Masala Dosa index, or a Big Mac Index, or even a Butter Chicken index, is that whatever food item we choose, it is likely to be...

When Iran enters the global mainstream

The strategic consequences of a nuclear deal between Iran and the West

Book: The Economics of Derivatives

The Economics of Derivatives by TV Somanathan and V Anantha Nageswaran Cambridge University Press 2015 ISBN: 9781107091504 Rs. 590 | $85.50 About the book: While most books on derivatives discuss how...

Where does India stand in terms of tax collection?

Data on effective tax rates in 90 countries, compared with their marginal tax rates, show India in the bottom 20

Convinced of AAP’s strength, voters deliver decisive verdict

The marginal voter, who tilted towards the Congress in the 2013 elections, moved away from it to AAP in 2015 ==

What unites Literary Digest, Chicago Tribune and InstaVaani-Mint? Sampling bias!

The polls conducted for the Delhi assembly elections all came off horribly wrong because they were conducted on samples that were inherently biased

Delhi elections: BJP to lose seats in spite of improved vote share

Even an equal vote share for the BJP and the AAP results in the latter getting a comfortable majority

How far will Mr Abe go?

Japan's changing military posture presents opportunities for India

Why Sri Lanka’s need for China will continue

Colombo's enduring interests suggest the relationship between the two nations will only strengthen

Bootleggers and baptists in conservationism

India needs to design its environmental policies carefully. These should address genuine concerns without killing economic growth

Mr Modi’s follow-through risks

For India to make the most of Narendra Modi's ambition and energy, he must get New Delhi to keep up

The new Cuba?

A Chinese company with military links is building a canal across Nicaragua

Discussion Document – A Survey of India’s Energy Prospects 
in the Middle East Region

A Survey of India’s Energy Prospects in the Middle East Region Kabir Taneja, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution Download the Discussion Document in PDF format (1.0MB) Executive Summary Oil and...

Takshashila Strategic Assessment – Risks to India’s national security from tensions along the Iran-Pakistan border

Risks to India’s national security from tensions along the Iran-Pakistan border Sumitha Narayanan Kutty and Pranay Kotasthane, The Takshashila Institution Download the Takshashila Strategic Assessment in PDF format (0.3MB) Key...

Policy Brief – Reforming ONGC Videsh for India’s Energy Security

Reforming ONGC Videsh for India’s Energy Security Ameya Naik, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution Download the Policy Brief in PDF format (1.0MB) Executive Summary ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) is the...

Discussion Document – China’s Economic Outlook in 2015

China’s Economic Outlook in 2015: The Trump Card of a Yuan Devaluation V Anantha Nageswaran, Co-Founder and Fellow for Geoeconomics, the Takshashila Institution. Abstract China’s real economy grew at an average rate...

China’s economic horoscope

Though growth in China is unlikely to slow down soon, India should prepare to take advantage of a shifting of gears there

Research Publication: India-Pakistan Intelligence Cooperation to Counter Terrorism

Download the full paper in PDF [53 KB] Terrorism is a major security concern in India and Pakistan. Both nations have been victims of vicious acts of terror and have...

Xi Jinping – $100 bn is coming!

The current moment presents the Modi government with an opportunity to take advantage, but very carefully, of Beijing's inclination to offer economic incentives

Policy Advisory — Helping Karnataka’s industries reach new heights

Helping Karnataka’s industries reach new heights: Industrial policy recommendations for 2014 Pavan Srinath, Nitin Pai, Narayan Ramachandran and Varsha Ramachandran Read the policy advisory [170KB] Abstract: This policy advisory constitutes the...

MH17 and the ‘non-state actor’ charade

Here's what happened: Russian proxy fighters in the Donetsk region of Ukraine shot down a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft - flight MH17, carrying 298 people - by mistake, using a...

Discussion Document – Fiscal Consolidation is the Key to Economic Growth

This Discussion Document provides directions for the 2014 and future budgets focussing on the budget-making processes, subsidies, fiscal dominance of monetary policy, inflation expectations, bank ownership and fiscal consolidation.

Policy Advisory – Bringing IT Act 2000 in Alignment with the Constitution

Bringing IT Act 2000 in Alignment with the Constitution In response to input sought by the Law Commission of India on media and privacy Rohan Joshi and Ranjeet Rane, The...

Invited Paper – Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Transition to Labor Law Reform: State-Level Initiatives &Informal Sector Labor Relations Hemal Shah, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 50, No. 1, July 2014...

Discussion Document – Resolving the Indo-Bangladesh Maritime Dispute

Resolving the Indo-Bangladesh Maritime Dispute Piyush Singh and Pranay Kotasthane, the Takshashila Institution This discussion document investigates the Indo-Bangladesh maritime dispute and presents policy options for the Indian government. Indo-Bangladesh...

Iraq and the outer ring of India’s security

To us in India, news that an Islamist militant group that even Al Qaeda considers too extremist has taken Mosul, Tikrit and other Iraqi cities in a lightning campaign appears...

Confronting a new world order

So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming was the build-up to the recently concluded general election that developments outside India received less-than-usual attention in our public sphere. Yet a lot...

Our foreign policy is 8% growth

The external environment will certainly affect India's internal quest to get back onto the path of high economic growth -- but much of the slack is in domestic policy

Perspective – India’s nuclear doctrine

It is irresponsible to speculate that India’s nuclear doctrine will be completely overhauled by a political party if it comes to power. It is sensationalist to suggest that India’s no-first-use...

MH370 and three worrying ‘ifs’

Kuala Lumpur's delay in roping in India to help track the missing aircraft is an indicator that New Delhi must redouble its diplomacy and capacity demonstration in East Asia
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