Democracy in Echo Chambers

This article is a book review of Cass Sunstein’s book #Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media. Sunstein argues that the perfect filtering that platforms like Facebook and...

The fault in IPL match schedules

Indian Premier League (IPL), for some inexplicable reason, hardly follows a balanced schedule, as some teams finish their quota of matches way before others

IPL 2017: More matches are being won by teams batting second

Since last year’s IPL, scoring rate during the powerplay overs and slog overs has significantly gone up—favouring the teams batting second than teams battling first

Why exit polls got UP election results wrong

While Narendra Modi’s role in the Uttar Pradesh victory is undeniable, the election results also show that BJP’s performance in 2014 was no blip

Why the IPL 2017 auction was a conservative affair

The eight teams together spent less than two-thirds of their total available budget in the IPL auction, with five of the eight teams buying fewer players than required

An Unholy Nexus

This is a review of the book When Crime Pays by Milan Vaishnav. Using the framework of an electoral marketplace, Vaishnav studies the nexus of politics, money, and muscle.

IPL auction: Indian players are more conservative in setting reserve prices

Indian players have been far more conservative in setting their reserve prices, indicating a greater desperation to play the IPL

UP elections: Why it is a tall order for BJP, BSP to beat the Congress-SP alliance

Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance has converted Uttar Pradesh elections into a three-cornered contest, increasing the threshold required to win a majority

The right way to turn right

One of the most interesting developments in India over the past decade or so have been the attempts to create new intellectual bases to challenge the hold that the Progressive...

Can I have an opinion on how to annihilate caste?

It’s twitter. So it should not be surprising that it didn’t long for my tweet supporting ACLU against Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees to turn into a debate on...

How India coped with demonetisation

Number of debit card transactions spiked and ATM withdrawals plunged; credit card usage, online banking unexpectedly showed a negative trend.

What denominations of bank notes do we need?

With the new Rs500 note not yet in wide circulation, people have found it difficult to get change for Rs2,000

Devolution of Power from Centre to State

By Ratish Srivastava (@socilia13) States in India can play a bigger role in foreign policy formulation with active engagement in pursuing global economic opportunities, resource management, security issues and environmental...

The South-South Divergence on Global Environmental Regulations

By Ratish Srivastava (@socilia13) Historically, developing and emerging economies have participated in international negotiations but with time, the alliance has been strained, particularly between India and China. What does the...

Mind map of the Russian Influence Campaign on the US 2016 Presidential Elections

There is a myriad of information, along with conflicting views of whether and how Russia influenced the 2016 US Presidential elections. With multiple stakeholders on both sides of media and...

India needs a Guccifer of its own to play in the big leagues

Russian influence campaign against US 2016 elections shows the need for India to develop its own information warfare capabilities, not only to protect itself from foreign influence, but also to...

How India coped with demonetisation

Number of debit card transactions spiked and ATM withdrawals plunged; credit card usage, online banking unexpectedly showed a negative trend

CAT results: IIMs may have messed up percentile maths

Given that IIMs award percentiles up to two decimal places, 20 out of 195,000 students getting ’100 percentile’ in the CAT results is a mathematical oddity

Exploring Mongolia’s balancing behaviour

In the near future, it’s unlikely that Mongolia will position itself as one of the allies in India’s efforts to balance out Chinese influence | by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) Mongolia’s supposed volte-face...

When Popcorn Costs More than the Movie

Typical multiplex experience in Chennai – Popcorn: ₹180; Pepsi: ₹200. The all important movie ticket: only ₹120. By Natarajan Ramalingam (@natrajdr) While a cinema ticket in a multiplex costs ₹250...

A power-centric timeline of Pakistan

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) There have been some excellent books on various aspects of the Pakistan state in the last couple of years. However, I found one feature missing these books:...

India’s Diaspora outreach — Is it a double edged sword?

India needs to develop a coherent and strong diaspora strategy that includes strategic evacuation operations By Guru Aiyar (@guruaiyar) As Bangalore played host the 15th edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya...

On India—Portugal relations

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) Bárbara Reis, Editor-in-chief of the Portuguese magazine Publico asked me to comment on Portugal PM António Costa’s ongoing trip to India. Here are the questions and answers. [The full interview...

Data story: Lines of Credit supported by India

A brief overview of India’s lines of Credit to other nation-states by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) India’s relationship with Mongolia has been in the news recently. After the Dalai Lama visited the...

Why absence of opinion polls for UP is no surprise

Fine vote-share margins in previous contests make the forthcoming assembly polls tough to call

Smart Watches and Privacy Concerns

By Ganesh Chakravarthi (@crg_takshashila) A buzz on my wrist wakes me. I open my smartphone and see the status of my smart band synchronising my sleep schedule. My first cup...

Why States Need to be Involved in India’s Foreign Policy

By Ratish Srivastava (@socilia13) The involvement of states in India’s foreign policy making could be vital in launching India onto the next phase of development. The centre holds executive power...

Controlling Healthcare Costs in Japan

The Japanese story of achieving low-cost healthcare through price controls By Aneesh Mugulur (@mugulur) Between 1980 and 1992, Japan’s price controls in the healthcare sector led to the decline of...

A welcome twist to demonetization

The government’s most recent amendment mandating that wages be paid by cheque or bank transfers is a welcome by-product of the demonetization drive. President Pranab Mukherjee promulgated with immediate effect...

Snapshot of 2016 military modernisation in India

By Guru Aiyar (@guruaiyar)  A mixed year of  hits and misses, what is most pertinent for defence policy is military modernization and overdue defence reforms The year that has gone...
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