The road to bike sharing

Cycle share, combined with public transport, can be a great last-mile option to get around and it fits perfectly into the concept of a smart city. But we need good...

Fragility of bankers’ trust

The banking system runs on people’s trust. That is why regulation and swift corrective measures in case of lapses are so important.

Sell All Municipal Schools

Poor parents are voting with their feet by shifting their kids from free government schools to budget private schools. The government has failed to provide quality education. Here’s an unintuitive...

Where are the jobs?

200,000 applicants scrambling for 69 posts in the state does not point to a rosy employment scenario.

Strategic autonomy is key

The end of 2017 saw a Trump administration charm offensive on New Delhi. India found itself as one of the main arms of the Quadrilateral ‘alliance’, in its second coming,...

Preserving India’s Diplomatic Influence on a Shoestring Budget

To compete diplomatically with a rising China, India will need to make greater investments in its diplomats.

Aadhaar must not be made mandatory for any purpose

A strong data protection law must be enacted and penalties imposed on irresponsible handling and leakage of private data.

But What About the Jobs Crisis?

Job creation remains India’s biggest economic challenge. Analysing the 2018 union budget through the jobs lens is bound to leave one disappointed. The first impression is that the gravity of...

Beware of the Survivor

Our weekly explainer on economics using lessons from popular culture. In Installment 32, Mark Zuckerberg and Gurukant Desai illustrate the Survivorship Bias. Early on in Mani Ratnam’s 2007 film Guru, Gurukant Desai defies...

We Are All Zombies

How do our brains work? Why do we behave the way we behave? Unthink by Chris Paley has some excellent insights. Chris Paley’s Unthink is a ride into our minds, both the conscious and...

Book Review | ‘Gazing At Neighbours’ Along The Line That Divided India

Gazing At Neighbours is also a comment on nationalism, and inevitably so. It doesn’t escape the author’s attention that there is almost no hostility towards the neighbouring country in the cities...

Is Xi Jinping China’s ‘Bad Emperor’?

The present scenario offers fertile ground for the emergence of a bad emperor. However, whether Xi fits the bill will depend on how efficiently the new system functions and whether...

Ingredients of a New World Order

Power is not enough to be a dominant geopolitical player. You also need Legitimacy. That is why China will not replace the US anytime soon.

Why India must review its Myanmar policy

In part due to the political economy of British colonial rule and in part due to ethnic Bamar nationalism, Myanmar (earlier Burma) has always nursed an antipathy for Indian people...

What did we learn from notes ban?

The nation got a four-hour notice. The prime minister announced on national television that by midnight all the high-value currency notes would cease to be legal. This was Modi’s Pokhran...

Takshashila Policy Advisory: Privacy, Security and Ownership of Data in the Telecom Sector

This policy advisory is a curated set of responses to the discussion paper issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, seeking comments and suggestions on the creation of data...

Avoid the Adventurous Path

Any aggressive attempt to widen the fiscal deficit will land India’s economy in problems

Too much inequality hurts growth

President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reform is supposed to be the largest tax cut in history. It reduces the highest marginal income tax rate as also the corporate tax rate....

Takshashila Blue Paper: Charting a New Framework for Data Protection in India

This Blue Paper was prepared as a result of a roundtable discussion organised by the Takshashila Institution on 4 September 2017, based on the Discussion Document, Beyond Consent: A New...

Odd Lots: What We Can Learn About Market Liquidity by Looking at Everyday Life

Every week, hosts Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway take you on a not-so-random walk through hot topics in markets, finance and economics. There’s little agreement about why some markets are more liquid than...

A housing stimulus is affordable

The stark reality is that the economy badly needs a kick-start, and a fiscal stimulus is our best hope.

With economy slowing, this is what Narendra Modi government must do

All the attempts at fiscal consolidation will come to nought if any attempt to provide fiscal stimulus is made by breaching the targets. The rating agencies are not likely to...

The Agricultural Crisis is a Jobs Crisis

“Hey, the prime minister just announced that India will double farmers’ incomes by 2022. How can that be achieved?” I put this question to a farmer friend a few months...

Demonetisation was a self-goal? These numbers speak the truth

The government continues to claim that it has scored a goal without admitting that it is a self-goal—DeMo caused significant disruption.

Economy outlook still cloudy

An immediate stimulus is needed to regain the momentum to get India back to 8% growth


City is ruled by a spaghetti system of authorities and jurisdictions where nobody is responsible for anything.

A yawning gap in India’s political spectrum

With the discredited Congress tugging further left, and the BJP viscerally tacking right, Indians are left with a yawning gap in the centre

Culture, Meet Privacy

Right now, a fundamental change is taking place in the way we look at privacy. This could be due to how porous technology has been, our increasing urbanization, and greater...

Beyond Consent: A New Paradigm for Data Protection in India

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Data protection is confined by consent (Consent Model). Once a data subject’s consent is obtained, a data controller is free to collect, process and use such data for...

Hung Parliament looks likely in UK elections

UK elections is going to a straight fight between Conservative Party and Labour Party but vote share and seat tally have swung wildly since Theresa May’s appointment as prime minister
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