Public Health

Life Sciences can be a major driver of India’s economy in the coming decades. India needs to invest in infrastructure and build expertise in life science fields that can contribute to our economy, improve citizens’ standard of life, and increase human productivity.

Biotech 2025

Takshashila recommends the strategic identification of life science sectors that need urgent governmental attention to grow. These include diagnostics, vaccines and pharmaceutical industry. We recommend regulatory changes that will ease the growth of these sectors.

Predictive Genomics to Improve Public Health

Heritable genetic diseases, particularly rare diseases, contribute to a significant disease burden in India.

At an estimated cost of INR 1600 crore per year over the next 5 years, we recommend the formation of the “Indian National Genome Project” that will catalog genetic mutations and make information on disease-related mutations publicly available.

Re-imagining India’s Public Health System

India needs a new public health system, housed within the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to streamline functions, improve transparency in operations, and ensure better health outcomes. Takshashila proposes that a new governance architecture structured around essential public health functions is required for improved public health outcomes.