The Takshashila Scholarship Programme

Do you want to do cutting-edge research in a public policy arena?
Become a Takshashila Scholar.

The Takshashila Scholars Programme aims to select and work with talented young individuals who wish to undertake high quality public policy research of relevance to India. Takshashila will be awarding scholarships for independent, part-time research projects lasting up to 6 months.

The Takshashila Scholarship Programme aims to select and work with prolific young Indians who wish to undertake quality research in public policy of relevance to India’s national interest. Takshashila will be awarding 6-month long scholarships for independent research projects that culminate in policy briefs.

Selected Scholars will be expected to refine their research proposals and work continuously on them for a period of six months, at the end of which they will have to submit a policy brief, along with popular articles, blog posts and other discussion material. Scholars will typically be expected to put in between 6-10 hours of work a week, defend their proposal and research in front of a peer group, attend meetings and discussions online and contribute to collective learning. Scholars must adhere to the Takshashila Code of Conduct, upholding high standards of professionalism and civility in their discourse while being passionate advocates of their research.


Who should apply for this scholarship
Takshashila scholarship is aimed at talented young individuals approximately between the ages of 25 and 35 with good research and analytical skills, a demonstrated ability to communicate complex issues well, and committed to better scholarship on public policy in India. Individuals looking to do a PhD in various fields related to public policy and international relations are encouraged to apply. Applicants are welcome from all academic and professional backgrounds. All things being equal, applicants based in India in the duration of the scholarship will be preferred.

The research outputs of the Takshashila Scholars program are located here.

What should be the nature of research
The Takshashila Institution broadly invites all research proposals related to India’s public policy, including but not limited to geopolitics, foreign policy, national security, inclusion and governance. Driven by a focus on India’s national interest, applicants are encouraged to write research proposals on emergent fields and topics, which have received inadequate research attention to date.

Working with the best
Takshashila Scholars will be able to work closely alongside a peer group of talented young researchers drawn from a wide range of expertise – engineering, medicine, law, economics, humanities and more. They will also get to work with Takshashila’s Fellows, who are drawn from an international network of academic experts, practitioners and experienced professionals. Scholars will also be given opportunities to write and get published at Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review. Upon successful completion of their research, a scholarship of Rs 50,000 will be awarded for each scholar.

Scholars who have successfully completed multiple research projects will become eligible to become Fellows of the Takshashila Institution.

The Scholarship will consist of 6 months of time for individual research projects. Scholars will be expected to give three presentations to their peers and to mentors and fellows at Takshashila: one each for their research proposal, a mid-term review, and final results.

To successfully receive the scholarship, a selected individual must:

– Submit a satisfactory Policy Brief within six months of starting the scholarship
– Submit articles, blog posts and supporting documents which present the research findings to different audiences.
– Attend online interactions, and contribute to the research of other scholars and fellows.
– Follow a mutually agreed-upon timeline for the completion of research.