Takshashila focuses its studies on the emerging challenges facing India in the twenty-first century in areas encompassing its political, economic and security relationships with the world. Policy research programmes address specific challenges that will impact India in the short- to medium-term.

Instead of relying only on resident experts, Takshashila draws on a vast talent pool that is stretched across the globe. Connected through advanced information technology Takshashila provides a collaborative platform to connect talented individuals to ideas, resources and influence. The platform allows members to offer inputs to and discuss policy briefs online through an exclusive discussion forum, tele-conferencing and live webinars.

Policy research at Takshashila is multi-disciplinary and focuses on three Programme Areas:

Geopolitics & Foreign Policy   |   National Security   |   Inclusion & Governance

Takshashila Fellows work on multiple policy research projects under each of these areas. Current projects include:

Call for participation
Takshashila seeks Fellows (who will lead policy research projects) and Research Associates (who will work with and assist project teams led by Fellows). Fellows & Research Associates can be based anywhere in the world and be pursuing full-time occupations. Both positions are essentially non-remunerative at this time.

To find out how you could participate in our research, contact us.

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