Pranay Kotasthane Speaks at Manthan on Indian Society as a Changemaker

Takshashila’s Pranay Kotasthane delivered a talk titled The Indian Society as a Changemaker on September 6, 2020. The talk was organised by Manthan Foundation, a Hyderabad-based forum for public discourse.

Pranay’s talk discussed the role of the three major actors in any community: the market, the State, and the civil society. He explained that in the state vs markets debate, we often forget that civil society itself can be a powerful actor for positive change. Further, he commented that the ability of Indian society to correct itself has been underplayed, underestimated, and undermined by the Indian State. The talk ended by making a case for why certain tasks are best left for the Indian society to resolve.

You can watch the recording of the talk on Manthan’s YouTube channel.