Pranay Kotasthane Quoted in the Sunday Guardian Live

Pranay Kotasthane was quoted in an article with the Sunday Guardian Live.

In light of Shinzo Abe’s visit, experts in India see the boost in defence ties between India and Japan in a positive light. Additionally, many expect a “larger return in streams other than the bullet train”.

In this regard, Pranay Kotasthane, said:

“Abe’s visit is a testimony to the fact China’s economic and military rise is bound to coalesce some of its neighbours against China. And this will happen regardless of the cultural impediments, ideological fixations and political hesitations in these countries. Japan as the only East Asian country with both the interest and the power to construct a regional balance of power to counter Chinese domination in the region, currently faces security challenges from both China and North Korea.

Thus, any move that lends a hand to an increase in Japanese power is good for India. This Indo-Japanese cooperation will also drive home the point in China that its own efforts through arrogant, provocative, threatening, and even racist words and deeds have been partly responsible in driving China’s neighbours against it. The joint statement talks about enhanced maritime security cooperation, technology cooperation in surveillance and unmanned system technologies, defence industry cooperation, and expansion in scale and complexity of joint military exercises. All these are positive developments for India and Japan. Though the sale of US-2 amphibian aircraft could not be finalised during this visit, it should not be seen as a failure. The Japanese defence manufacturers, bureaucracy, and public opinion are still coming to terms with a changed world.”

The full article can be read here.