Pranay Kotasthane Quoted in Arab News on India-US Trade Talks

Pranay Kotasthane was quoted in an article in Arab News on 13 July, 2019 in an article discussing India—US talks to break the logjam over strained commercial relations between the two countries. Pranay was quoted as saying:

The current differences on the trade question can be easily resolved but Trump’s attitude isn’t helping. Notwithstanding Trump’s bluster, it’s in India’s interests to lower import duties. It would be beneficial as the path to ‘Make in India’ lies through buying from and selling to outside India.

This round of trade talks will help get us to a better position than we are currently in. There is scope for a few gives and takes in order to bring the tensions down on the trade front. Currently, exports are a really small contributor to India’s growth story. We need to change that. Trade should become a ticket to prosperity for more Indians.

The full article can be read on Arab News here.