Pragmatic | What you won’t hear from Sopore

Signs of an improving security situation

If you know the importance of Sopore for separatists and militants in the Kashmir valley (if you don’t, then read this post on Why Sopore matters), then you would appreciate the significance of this piece of news. Buried as a small news-item in only one newspaper, Greater Kashmir (at least Google Search doesn’t fetch any other result), is the story of relocation, removal and dismantling of CRPF bunkers in Sopore.

“We have removed bunkers near Town Hall, Shah Faisal road and Damno building General bus stand,” he [Superintendent of Police Sopore Imtiyaz Hussain] said, adding that CRPF has also vacated Kapran cinema. “Besides, we have also removed CRPF from few shops near Plaza,” he added.[GK]

This is the reality of how things are changing in the Kashmir valley. No one can claim that the situation is perfect in Kashmir today. But nor can one deny that things have steadily improved over the last two years.

The improvement is like a car on a damaged, hilly highway — we would all want our car to move faster but the more important thing is for the car to stay on the highway, safe, even if it moves a bit slowly. For, as the cliche goes, the slow and the steady wins the race. Especially if he is on the right path.

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