Pragmatic | What they read at Pakistan’s National Defence University

Books debasing and demeaning India.

From here:

Brigadier Javed Hassan (who retired a Major General), while at the Faculty of Research and Doctrinal Studies (FORAD) at the Command and Staff College in Quetta, conducted and published a study titled India: A Study in Profile (Rawalpindi: Services Book Club, 1990). It is now required reading at the National Defence University as well (NDU’s Important Books to Read list). In this volume, the author derides India by arguing that India is not a nation, characterizing India’s past as having a “total absence of any popular resistance against foreign domination and rule”, denounces the Indians as “less warlike”, attributes India’s military failures to “racial shortcomings”, among other derogatory characteristics of Hindus and Hinduism. Of course, it needs to be stated that India has never lost a war with Pakistan.[Link]

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