Pragmatic | Weekday sarcasm: Neo-liberal beheading

The poor Maoists

The hyperventilating critics of the so-called neo-liberal economic policies of the Indian government can add this too to their list of grievous anecdotes against the Indian State.

In the first incident [in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli], the Maoists beheaded two youths, Rakesh Gota and Dalsu Pada , in Peepliburgi village early morning.[Telegraph]

Even the poor Maoists, who merely want to bring a communist revolution by violent means and overthrow the Indian state, are being compelled to trade their gun for a butcher knife. See, the Maoists are beheading villagers because they can’t even afford two bullets to shoot these tribals in the village.

Blame it on the “culture of unrestrained selfishness and greed spawned by modern neoliberal economic ideology, and the false promises of ever increasing spirals of consumption leading to economic growth“, will you?

[HT: Calamur]

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