Pragmatic | The weekend Aesop’s fable

The tiger and the donkey

Once, there were no donkeys in a village, until one person decided to bring one from the city. Finding no use for it, the villagers set it loose in the mountains. Then one day, a tiger happened upon the donkey grazing. Having never seen such a beast before, the tiger ran away in fright. But the tiger was curious, and decided to take a closer, if not cautious look at this strange thing.

On getting closer to the donkey, he was impressed by its size and shape – the donkey, upon seeing the tiger, let forth a huge bray. The tiger, frightened by the hideous noise, disappeared into the bushes.

After a few more days of testing the water, the tiger grew more accustomed to this strange beast, and decided to walk up close to the donkey. Plucking up all his courage, he walked up to the donkey, sniffed it a bit, and on turning, knocked it slightly. The donkey, enraged, reacted the only way it could – by kicking with its hind legs.

The tiger turned in fury, enlightened by the donkey’s actions. ‘Is that all you can do?’ mocked the tiger – before ripping out the donkey’s neck.

Every story has a moral. This fable may also have one, for the social media enthusiasts.

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