Pragmatic | Srinagar can be a vibrant city

It needs peace, security and normalcy to get the circle of urbanisation moving.

A quick glance at Morgan Stanely’s AlphaWise City Vibrancy Index: A Guide to India’s Urbanization provides the following factoids about Srinagar. Among the list of top 50 cities in India by population, Srinagar is ranked:

# 48th on the Vibrancy Index

# 45th on the Consumption Index

# 48th on Job Listings

# 50th on Financial Penetration

But it is not all horrible news for Srinagar. It is sixth among these 50 cities in the Weighted Quarterly Average Household Income in urban India. This places Srinagar firmly in the ‘Low Vibrancy – High Income’ quadrant and provides hope for the future.

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As the figure above shows, the high income allows Srinagar a readily available entry point into the Circle of Urbanisation. But for that circle to move, what Srinagar needs first is peace, security and normalcy. That will allow people to lead a routine social and economic life, and get the circle of urbanisation moving.

Alas, only if the self-anointed Kashmiri leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq could move beyond their agenda of shutdowns and protests, and make Srinagar a vibrant city that it deserves to be.

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