Pragmatic | Some plain-speaking from Home Secretary

Not that it will make a difference to Pakistan. But still…

Unlike many other ministries and officials in the government of India, there is at least one ministry which is not trying to couch its view of Pakistan in politically correct terms. That ministry is the Union Home Ministry. Home Secretary of India and Interior Secretary of Pakistan are scheduled to meet on December 22-23 (the plans are yet to be confirmed). It was heartening to see Indian Union Home Secretary indulge in some plain-talking on the subject.

“As far as the talks with Pakistan go, I would not approach the talks with any pre-conceived notion. I will say what we have to say, I will say what are the facts, how we see them and (share) the evidence that we have (about militant acts). I will say what we expect of them,” Union Home Secretary RK Singh told reporters here today.

He was responding to a question on India’s stand during the proposed Home Secretary level talks later this month. “Militant camps are still there across LoC. We have specific reports, detailed photographs. There is no question of denying that. We also hear the conversations of militants. We know, we are certain, they are in large number. Attempts (of infiltration) are still continuing despite the fact that the winter has set in,” he said.

Asked about pumping of fake Indian currency into the country, the Home Secretary said the quality of fake currency notes suggested that state actors were involved in it.

“We believe that some state actors are working to pump fake currency notes into India. There could be state actors employing non-state actors. We are not taking the name of the state actor, you could understand who is the state actor,” he said.[GK]

Of course, this plain-speak during the third round of secretary-level talks between the countries is unlikely to make any headway on India’s demands. After all, Pakistan has refused to act on India’s demand for “voice samples” and conviction of the perpetrators of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, despite the same demands being made during earlier talks between secretaries in March 2011 and June 2010.

Whether it makes a difference or not, it is far better to listen to these honest voices than to hear the “man of peace”, “our shared destiny” and “Pakistan army is on-board” statements which have emerged from the Indian side in the recent past.

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