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Siachen: Myth and Reality

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Supreme irony. How many of us even remember the date when Operation Meghdoot was launched in Siachen? April 13th, 1984. Tomorrow, 28 years.pragmatic_desi
OK. Let me calmly try some myths versus reality about Siachen. In the next few tweets.pragmatic_desi
1- Myth: India and Pakistan are fighting at Siachen. Fact: India won long ago wt Siachen when it launched Op Meghdoot in 1984.pragmatic_desi
2- Myth: India is losing hundreds of soldiers every year to inclement weather. Fact: India has barely lost a handful since the ’04 ceasefirepragmatic_desi
3- Myth: India can’t afford the economic drain of staying at Siachen. Fact: If India can afford an NREGA & RT Food, Siachen is miniscule.pragmatic_desi
4- Myth: Siachen has no strategic significance. Fact: Try and see the map to understand what Saltoro ridge means & what it overlooks.pragmatic_desi
5- Myth: Indian army stalled demilitarisation of Siachen agreed upon by Rajiv Gandhi & Benazir. Fact: Pakistan refused to validate the AGPL.pragmatic_desi
6- Myth: Its an ecological disaster & we should vacate it as a goodwill gesture. Fact: Yes, affects local environment but who’ll recapture.pragmatic_desi
7- Myth: India started it at Siachen. Fact: Pakistan was undertaking cartographic aggression, depicting region as it part. Sent mountaineerspragmatic_desi
OK. My rants on Siachen are over. Thanks for bearing with me.pragmatic_desi
@dhume01 Check first three chapters of "Siachen: Conflict Without End" by V R Raghavan. It has a good explanation.pragmatic_desi

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