Pragmatic | On the third anniversary of Mumbai terror strikes

Lest we forget

10 coordinated shooting/ bombing attacks across Mumbai, 166 dead, 308 wounded…

So that you don’t forget the horrendous events of 26-28th November 2008 in Mumbai (as some of our decision-makers, commentators and analysts are trying very hard to), go ahead and watch this Channel-4 documentary film — Dispatches: Terror in Mumbai. It is available on YouTube (here).

While many will write to explain what happened before, during and after 26-11, none of them will be able to match the eloquence, pithiness and trenchancy of these words written in 1962. This is Thomas Schelling’s foreword to Roberta Wohlstetter’s superb book, Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision. Read the relevant extract from that foreword at this old blogpost(here).

138 Indians lost their lives at the hands of Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai. Those are the 138 reasons not to forget 26-11.

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