Pragmatic | Kashmir’s killers

A Kashmiri shopkeeper is brutally killed by the separatists for refusing to follow their dictat of a Bandh

On 3rd December, Tariq Ahmad Bhat, a 25-year old shopkeeper at Gojwara Chowk, Nowhatta in Srinagar was severely beaten by a group of separatists, when he defied their dictates of forcing him to shut down his shop. He was part of a group of shopkeepers who resisted the protesters and refused to close their shops. Tariq was brutally hit by ‘miscreants’ — a word conveniently invoked to avoid saying separatists, the way Pakistani media uses miscreants for jehadi terrorists — by a cricket bat which fractured his head. He immediately went into coma and passed away on 14th December. Jammu & Kashmir police has since swung into action and arrested the four accused of murder.[GK, RK]

It isn’t hard to notice that the human rights activists, the left-liberals and the motley crowd of all the other closeted supporters of Kashmiri separatists are either silent or craftily avoiding unequivocal condemnation of the murder. That is not very surprising indeed. It just doesn’t fit in with their scheme of things that average Kashmiris are resisting the separatists and could end up being brutally murdered by them.

India hasn’t done itself any favours in Kashmir over the years. It has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. But then, India is also very lucky. It couldn’t have asked for a better opponent in Kashmir — one which devours its own people at the behest of Pakistani agencies, and end up strengthening India’s case. Only if Kashmir’s mainstream politicians could take advantage of these new opportunities to drive the final nail in the separatists’ coffin.

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