Pragmatic | Happy 63rd Republic Day

“We the people of India”

Indian Republic is in danger. It is is not in the danger of being killed by a military coup or a Tahrir Square type revolution. It is not even in the danger of going into coma for a few years as it happened under Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the 1970s. Entering its 64th year, the Indian Republic has gone well past that stage.

The danger to Indian Republic comes from being bled to death by a thousand cuts. Every single day it is stabbed, jabbed and knifed — in seen and unseen ways. Some of these wounds are superficial. They heal quickly. Others need more care. Sometimes when they heal, they leave permanent scars. At times, some wounds don’t heal fully. They continue to fester, weakening the body and soul of the Republic.

In an ideal world, the Republic either would never be hurt or would have the capacity for self-healing. In a real world, it is a constant process of getting hurt and healing. That healing touch and care for the Republic, in the real world, is provided by democracy. Democracy means that it is “We the people of India” who will help the Republic recover once it is hurt. No messiahs are going to alight from a different planet to take care of our Republic.

That is the reason on 26th of January, 1950, it was “We the people of India” — not the Queen of England or Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Ambedkar — who solemnly resolved “to constitute India into a Sovereign, Democratic Republic”. It is our Republic… of We the people of India. We need to look after it. Happy Republic Day everyone.

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