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Is this what they call the perfect mess?

It’s a mess. Border Security Force (BSF) has the helicopters. OK, they are not sufficient to support operations of paramilitary forces in Maoist-affected areas but what’s worse — BSF has no trained pilots to fly these helicopters. OK, they have trained pilots too, but these pilots are trained for Chetak helicopters which the BSF no longer has. Pawan Hans, a Government of India company, and Defence Ministry have refused to train pilots from the paramilitary forces for the helicopters that BSF now possesses, the ALH-Dhruv. Daily News & Aanalysis has the story.

Meanwhile, Indian Air Force has issued a tender to hire helicopters to ferry supplies to Indian army’s border posts in the northern and eastern sectors. A similar scheme is also in the offing to help out the Border Roads organisation.

Indian Air Force recently — and finally — pulled out 17 helicopters from UN peacekeeping assignments. But Indian army has now deployed its light utility helicopters with the UN. Amidst all this, Home Ministry is still on its way to hiring some helicopters for its anti-Maoist operations.

Right. This sounds like a perfect mess. Because it is a perfect mess.

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