Health systems around the world are being challenged by increasing demand for care of people with COVID-19 while trying to maintain the delivery of routine health services.

China and the Indian Economy

China is one of India’s most important economic partners but is also a major national security headache. How should India balance its economic and strategic interests?

Chinese Tech Giants and India

What does China’s bid to become a technological superpower mean for India?

China and India's National Security

China’s belligerent rise has proved to be a national security challenge for India. How should India engage with China?

Internet Governance

The Internet is key in the Indian development story. But how do we regulate it?

Economic Recovery

The optimism of the 2000s around the Indian economy has now given way to frustration. How do we revive it in the aftermath of the pandemic?

Public Health

70 years into the life of the Republic, India’s Public Health system needs to be revamped to better address the challenges we face.

Global No First Use

Threatening to use nuclear weapons never works - and there’s a case to be made for a global agreement not to use them.

Life Sciences

New technologies have revolutionized the Life Sciences. But what should India’s policy approach be towards them?