Pavan Srinath quoted in the Times of India

Pavan Srinath is cited in the Times of India feature titled, “55 lakes in throes of death, 33 are fine, finds study”. The report is based on the findings of a comprehensive study of 200 lakes in Bangalore, which was conducted by United Way Bengaluru. Pavan Srinath and Devika Kher contributed to the analysis and the report.

The study examines 200 water bodies for their health and status based on aspects like presence of lake bunds, fencing, which agency was responsible for the lake and the existence of small islands for biodiversity. In the TOI feature, Pavan talks about the various categories of lakes and observes that the largest number of stressed lakes seem to be southeast of the Koramangala-Chalaghatta valley series.

Here is an excerpt from the feature-

The best lakes include Jakkur, Agara, Ulsoor, Sankey Tank, Kengeri and Nagavara, which have active communities looking after them. “It just means the lake is physically intact but isn’t an ideal lake yet. A few small changes are required to make them ideal,” said Pavan Srinath, fellow for smart city governance at Takshashila Institution.

“Lakes with faint hope need several changes, including fencing, a community and zero release of sewage. But the last category has the maximum number of lakes that are close to dying,” Pavan added. The best lakes require zero-energy STPs, are fully integrated with the watershed and have self-sustaining local institutions.

“It’s the first kind of study that is easy to repeat and can be done in a year or two as a progress report,” said Pavan.

You can read the full feature here.