Pavan Srinath interviewed by the Healthcare Executive

Pavan Srinath is interviewed by the Healthcare Executive—a healthcare business media brand, where he emphasises on the need to focus on local government bodies and community cooperation.

Further, Pavan observes that the success of Clean India Mission is dependent not only on government bodies, but mission staff, business owners and community members as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview

Reflecting on the current challenges, Srinath appeals for more patience. “The Swachh Bharat programme has correctly identified that human behaviour is a key reason why our cities and villages are not clean. Changing people’s behaviour is critical to having high hygiene standards, solid waste segregated at source, for people to use toilets, and more.

By making ‘Swachchata’ a moral cry the mission has become the biggest political attempt against open defecation and for public cleanliness since Gandhi’s efforts. Swachh Bharat mission’s best chance of working is to provide an umbrella framework that encourages independent action by states, cities, localities and leaders. While the union government may be successful in getting the Indian railways to clean up trains and stations, it cannot dictate what states and cities can do.

You can find the complete interview here.