Takshashila Network – Application & Registration

The Takshashila Network is a professional network of public policy analysts, scholars, researchers and engaged citizens that aims to elevate the standards of policy discourse in and about India.

The core of this network are faculty and graduates from Takshashila’s education programmes, including the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) and the Takshashila Executive Programme in Public Policy (TEP3). Qualified applicants must accept the Takshashila Code of Conduct in order to be accepted as members, and must adhere to it in all public and professional settings.

Members of the Takshashila Network enjoy invitations to Takshashila events, discounts at educational courses and events, opportunities for career advancement and interaction with like-minded people.

Please enter your name as in official records
Please ensure this is accurate as all communication will be sent to this address.
State the Takshashila certificate and year you received it. Eg GCPP 2012 or TEP3 2013
The Takshashila Network is normally open only to those who have acquired a certificate from the Institution after undergoing a course of study.
Please ensure that you have read and understood the Takshashila Code of Conduct. All members of the Takshashila Network are required to strictly adhere to this code in their public and professional engagements.