Pakistan and US: Towards a transactional relationship

In the 14-point report, there are only four real points of discussion between the US and Pakistan. First, PCNS wants the US to stop drone strikes in Pakistani territory. US has already ruled it out and that stance is unlikely to change. Second, Pakistan wants an unconditional apology for the Salala incident. US has officially expressed regrets but an unconditional apology from Obama is unlikely in an election year. Third, Pakistan wants the US to resume Coalition Support Fund (CSF) payments which have been on hold since December 2010. US auditors have already approved $600 million in CSF payments, which can be transferred quickly. Finally, the additional levies that Pakistan army wants the US to pay on every container moved through Pakistan. These rates will be bargained between the two sides. But the US is likely to give in because it now needs the Pakistan route to move military equipment out of Afghanistan in a timely manner.