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Bangalore Fellows Programme

The Takshashila Institution (www.takshashila.org.in) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organisation committed to increasing public awareness and educating people on public policy, governance and strategic affairs. We are engaged both in policy research and education. The think tank creates ideas, and the policy school imparts these to people who can use them to make a difference.

Role: Associate Consultant – Technology


To manage all day-to-day and long-term Technology-related requirements of the organisation. Includes maintenance & upkeep of our website and social media platforms as well as vendor/contract management and negotiations

Key Responsibilities:

  • Website
    • Ensure timely update and upkeep of our website
    • Enable small changes to be done in-house and larger requirements through the IT vendor
    • Ensure renewal of relevant IT/security certificates
  • LMS
    • Management and upkeep of our 3 rd party-developed, customised Learning
    • Management Solution being used to deliver our online courses for the policy school
  • Vendor & Contract Management
    • Be the single point of contact for our relationship and engagement with our vendors
    • Ensure timely payments and periodic review, including contract renewals
    • Maintain and identify pool of vendors to procure services at competitive rates and optimum service levels
  • New technology
    • Consistently review and update our technology strategy and investments in view of our long-term vision as well as emerging new technologies
    • Ensure optimum usage of technology to improve scale & efficiency of operations and meaningful cost
    • Assist with video/audio editing and collateral development requirements
  • Social Media Support
    • Ensure timely update and upkeep of all our social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram
    • Work with relevant stakeholders to leverage social media to broadcast our events and organisational highlights
    • Support and oversee requirements for our daily and weekly podcast channels

If you are interested please email your CV to contact@takshashila.org.in

Program Overview

The Takshashila Bangalore Fellows Programme is a recurring programme for gathering the best international and Indian scholars of the frontier areas of public policy in Bengaluru for a week-long stay which will result in research outputs, op-eds, public talks and interviews etc.

The larger objective of the programme is to make Bengaluru a hub of public policy discussions in India.

Takshashila Bangalore Fellow benefits

  • Visit: Takshashila will pay for economy class return airfare tickets to Bengaluru
  • Stay: Takshashila will arrange for a fully paid 4-day stay in Bengaluru at a comfortable accommodation in the heart of the city
  • Knowledge sharing: Three days of focused interactions on a research topic of mutual interest with Takshashila’s research staff and with other notable institutions in the Takshashila network.
  • Excursion: Takshashila will sponsor a field visit to an area of historical importance in Bengaluru’s vicinity

Who can become a Takshashila Bangalore Fellow?

We are actively looking for prominent and eminent practitioners/scholars in the area of public policy who would be willing to spend a minimum of three days for this programme. If you have anyone in mind, please help us by filling up the nomination form below.

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