Nuclear Reflections #0: An Introduction

Nuclear weapons are in vogue once again. They make headlines every few weeks, if not every other day.

Indeed, Russia’s fancy new weapons do echo the days of the Cold War, when the US and Soviet Union raced build a panoply of weapon-systems suited for just about any enemy target.

With the slow demise of existing arms control agreements, a renewed competition between US and Russia, and all the action in Asia hint that we are entering a new era of global nuclear order. Come call it Cold War 2.0 while others call it the Third Nuclear Age.

The past 75 years have produced a great number of works to help us think about nuclear weapons, and understand their role in international politics. Some of these works remain relevant today, while others.. not so much.

It is certainly impossible to go through all the material and make sense of the nuclear field. That’s where this blog series comes in.

Every week, I will bring out the important literature of the nuclear age and present it in a manner that is simple, and also relevant to today’s context.

Ultimately, this blog series makes the literature from the nuclear field accessible to everyone. Because when nuclear conflict comes, we all will be affected.