Takshashila hosts members of the National Security Council of Afghanistan

Arian Sharifi, Director, Strategic Threat Assessments and Mariam Wardak , Advisor at the National Security Council (NSC) of Afghanistan  interacted with Takshashila scholars and staff. Mr. Sharifi and Mariam are working on countering violent extremism through education and awareness campaigns. Takshashila Co-founder, Nitin Pai & Advisor, Anand Arni shared their experience and understanding of strategies to contain radicalisation.

Mr. Sharifi and Mariam explained that one of the main objectives of the Afghan government is to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE). The Afghan NSC is involved in strategic communication and de-radicalisation. The NSC provides policy direction and assesses inter-ministerial coordination. As the CVE is highly inter-ministerial, it cuts across the domains of economics, security, media and political affairs.

During the discussion, Nitin shared a model of the de-radicalisation programme as practiced by an insurgency affected Indian state. The issue of gender and the need for including women as stakeholders for countering radicalisation was suggested by the Takshashila team.