Nitin Pai’s ideas for Bengaluru covered in Times of India

Nitin Pai argued for turning Bengaluru into a Walker’s Paradise in a feature called “A blueprint for our city” in Times of India, Bengaluru edition, 18th May 2015.

Excerpts from Nitin’s opinion piece:

A few small steps could go a long way to making life in Bengaluru far better. This is by no means a comprehensive list but just a few of the thing Bengaluru needs and a few things the next BBMP council can consider working on.

  • Let us build a walkable city. We need footpaths and places for people to cross roads safely and with dignity.
  • We could turn many parts of old Bengaluru into pedestrian malls. Roads such as Avenue Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street are prime shopping destinations and pedestrianisation would not only benefit the public but also revitalise these congested areas.
  • Road signs. we have very few but they are so important to helping citizens as well as visitors navigate the streets
  • Make our streets safe for all by improving street lighting and patrolling. Many streets don’t have lights and in many other places, working streetlights are hidden by trees.
  • Charge for parking on public roads so that there is less congestion, chaos and encroachment.
  • Build 10 sports stadiums that everyone can use.
  • Upgrade our museums. Make them attractive to global tourists.
  • Restore 100 heritage buildings to their former glory.
  • Start a ‘We are proud to be Bengalureans’ campaign to showcase the city’s extensive and rich artistic, cultural and scientific heritage.
Times of India, Bangalore edition, 18th May 2015
Times of India, Bangalore edition, 18th May 2015