Nitin Pai quoted in The Times of India

Nitin Pai is quoted in the Times of India article, titled,”Now people want to be forgotten online.”The article talks about the status of the “right to be forgotten” under the right to privacy. In the article, Nitin discusses how practical the idea is and why it is difficult to remove a person’s online details.

Following is an excerpt from the article:

The task to erase a person’s details online is a very difficult one, says tech expert Nitin Pai. “While you may be able to decrease information to some extent, it is not possible to eliminate someone’s details completely. News goes viral very fast so it looks unfeasible to suppress it,” he says. It is also important to distinguish between personal details and open news. “Open news is not really a bridge of privacy. Getting a few personal details removed or even a pan card number is possible, the rest is very difficult,” he adds.

The whole article can be read here.