Nitin Pai Quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on Terror Links in the Sri Lanka Bombing

Nitin Pai, the director of the Bangalore-based Takshashila Institution think tank, says the Sri Lanka attacks, like last month’s mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, foreshadows a new form of terrorism where the terrorists, the targets or both have little to do with the politics of the country where the attacks occur.

“The local group suspected of carrying out the attacks had few grievances against the local Christian community,” he said. “Their action was in pursuit of the agenda of a foreign organisation [IS] that had a global agenda.”

While the perpetrators were from Sri Lanka, the attacks do not make sense in the context of the island’s domestic politics.

This was also the case in Christchurch, says Pai. He labels this “third-party terrorism” and warns it will be difficult and costly to combat: “Such terrorists could choose a country merely because it offers easier opportunities for attacks.”

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