Nitin Pai Quoted in The Straits Times on Boycott China calls in India

Nitin Pai was quoted in an article by Nirmala Ganapathy in The Strats Times on 3th June 2020, discussing calls to boycott Chinese goods on social media platforms in India. Nitin noted that the calls were “more strident” this time and was quoted as saying:

“Every new provocation merely strengthens an already widespread perception that China is not well-disposed towards India, and I have seen nothing from Beijing that addresses this. The cumulative effect can be seen in increasingly popular calls for boycott of Chinese goods and apps,”

“Despite official attempts to play things down, the mood is far more strident today than it was in 2017, during the Doklam incident. It is hard to see how Beijing thinks antagonising a billion young people as somehow being in its interests.”

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