Nitin Pai quoted in The Guardian

Nitin Pai is quoted in the Guardian article titled, “The inside story of Facebook’s biggest setback.” The article talks about the story behind Facebook announcing the  initiative. It discusses the ambitious effort of Facebook to bring hundreds of millions of people around the world online.

In the article, Nitin explains why it is a bad idea to put market power in the hands of one or two companies. The excerpt from the article can be read here:

There was tone-deafness in the people who carried out the campaign,” Nitin Pai, the co-founder of an influential policy thinktank named the Takshashila Institution, told me. “You know that foreigners talking down to Indians and telling them what is good for them is going to backfire.”

“We are not a Tanzania,” Pai, the thinktank founder, said. “We are producing apps, and it is an economic pillar to our success. So we shouldn’t give over our keys to anyone. We should be careful of putting market power in the hands of one or two companies.” Several people who had been lobbied by Facebook – and a few insiders at the company – remarked with distaste that the company had “no skin in the game”, as one put it.

The article can be read here.