Nitin Pai quoted in Hindustan Times on China’s actions along the LAC

Nitin Pai was quoted in an  in Hindustan Times on 17th June 2020, discussing China’s actions along the LAC.

Nitin was quoted as saying:

For Beijing, border transgressions are a cheap instrument to apply pressure on India’s political leadership. The Chinese side doesn’t tell you “why”, “why now”, and indeed what their claim actually is. By keeping New Delhi guessing as to its intentions, Beijing puts the Indian government on the back foot on lots of issues. For instance, we are now asking whether it is to pressure India to stay neutral in the WHO investigation on the origins of Covid-19, whether it is to retaliate against FDI restrictions, to coerce India on the 5G issue, to counter the Modi government’s move to change the status of Jammu and Kashmir, or indeed in response to purely military developments.

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