Nitin Pai quoted in Forbes India about the Chinese App ban

Nitin Pai was quoted in a Forbes India article by Harichandan Arakali published on 21 July 2020 on the opportunity for Indian startups in the context of the Chinese App ban.

Nitin was quoted as saying:

“By choosing to retaliate in a domain different from the Himalayan frontiers, New Delhi is signalling that the ‘business as usual’ approach, where trade and investment were pursued agnostic to politics, is at risk.”

 “China’s great firewall blocks Indian content and users from accessing the Chinese market; China has long blocked foreign apps and is hardly in any position to complain when given the treatment it reserves for others. In geopolitical terms, China’s aggression is witnessing the evolution of a countervailing coalition. In cyberspace terms, if China insists on firewalling itself out of the global internet, India has made it clear that it will not be part of the digital Sinosphere.

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