Nitin Pai featured in a piece on Twitter influencers and change-makers

Nitin also delves into the impact of social media and whether social media activism can bring about a tangible change in society. He explains how along with the social media activism, there is a need for follow up and to see the process through to the end. He mentions the need to move beyond ‘slacktivists’ or armchair activists on social media.

Twitter’s unknown celebrities

“Think tank Takshashila Institution’s founder Nitin Pai, who tweets on foreign affairs and public policy at @acorn, is one of the top 20 Twitter celebrities in India. “You as a tweeter are looking for an audience, but that audience is also looking for you,” he says. Sometimes, this give-and-take can even change a person. One of Pai’s most meaningful takeaways from a series of Twitter conversations is that he has now altered his view on the death penalty. “Until five years ago, I used to think the death penalty had a deterring effect, but some people I interact with on Twitter have convinced me that there is no place for the death penalty in civilized society,” says Pai.

“You can’t think social media activism will carry the day or that I’ve posted something and change will happen tomorrow morning,” Pai says. He adds that we need social media to generate awareness, and public interest litigation and right to information filings to follow up and see the process through to the end. It’s beyond the pale of most slacktivists or armchair activists on social media today, Pai says.”

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