Nitin Pai cited in the New Indian Express on his session at the ThinkEdu Conclave

The third edition of the ThinkEdu Conclave orga­nised by The New Indian Express on February 20 and 21 in Chennai had Nitin Pai speak at a panel on “Do we need foreign educators?”.
Nitin spoke on the need to liberalise education in India. This piece covers the conference and cites Nitin at his panel.

Need of the Hour: Skilled Hands and a Thinking Mind

“India despite being home to the world’s oldest university, today sees a large number of students study abroad. Why? Speakers pointed out that it was because our university education was hollow, mediocre and redundant. Amit Shovon Ray of Centre for Development Studies, T’puram; Dr Jayaprakash Narayan of Lok Satta party and Nitin Pai of Takshashila Institution concurred that cross pollination of ideas, exchange of cultures, and allowing access to best sources of knowledge across the world without being parochial was the way to go.”

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