MS Bharatha Iyengar Award Bestowed on Abhyudaya Adiga & Haripriya Suresh

Abhyudaya Adiga and Haripriya Suresh, students of the Graduate Certificate of Public Policy (GCPP), have been awarded the MS Bharatha Iyengar Award for outstanding performance in the programme. Mr Adiga and Ms Suresh were students of the 16th and 17th batches of the programme respectively.

The MS Bharatha Iyengar Award is based on Mr Bharatha Iyengar, who was an exceptional civil engineer in Tamil Nadu’s port systems. Bharatha Iyengar, born in Mysore, participated in the Quit India Movement before taking high school exams and also became a rank-holder in Karnataka. Mr Iyengar was passionate about education and mentored numerous individuals in his lifetime.

MSB-AbhyudayaAbhyudya Adiga is currently a systems engineer at a leading consultancy service. He is interested in parliamentary affairs, political economy and public finance. He has a graduate degree in mechanical engineering.

“GCPP’s pedagogy compels one to think and be an active participant throughout the course. The tools I learnt helped me delve deeper, analyse and understand the issues better. GCPP helped me comprehend matters beyond what the general narrative seems to suggest. At the end of 12 weeks of GCPP one would have learnt to observe carefully, analyse astutely and communicate persuasively,” said Abhyudya.

Haripriya Suresh is a journalist at The News Minute, a digital newspaper, and holds a degree in media studies. She is interested in urban development, politics and human rights. She is also an independent film enthusiast and has worked on different film projects.

“Pursuing GCPP right before entering the industry not only provided exposure and broadened my perspective on issues, but also taught me to spot the right questions, even if their answers may not always be readily available. The course structure, along with the large amount of reading certainly helped in understanding the nuances of policies and policy-making in India. Apart from this, the workshops were of immense help because of the hands-on approach as well as the interaction with the diverse group of people the cohort contained.”, said Haripriya.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy is Takshashila’s flagship educational programme. The 12-week programme is networked and largely online, and meant for working professionals and full-time students from across the world. The programme is offered three times a year. Currently, the 19th consecutive batch of the course is underway.