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An excerpt from Edition 18 is reproduced below.

Of Freeing the Republic, Social Disasters, Polarisation and QAnfluencers

Free The Republic?

It turns out that the Maharashtra Police arrested 3 people, 2 of whom happened to be journalists with Republic TV. For all my ranting about Twitter trends, buried in work, I only noticed this when it happened to be trending somewhere near the top of Twitter’s list. At the time, it had around 115K tweets. So, stretching the (perceived) limits of Twitter’s Standard API I was able to pull 40K tweets related to the the hashtag FreeRepublicJournalist.

Prepare yourself, I am going to throw a lot of graphs at you.

  • There were approximately ~4700 unique tweets. The Top 1 % accounted for ~66% of them. Not odd by itself.

  • I then looked at the associated hashtags to create a TagCloud (if the image is too small, you can go over to the published version). Nothing too surprising from my perspective other than some belief that democracy was alive and well until now (Yes, yes, I vote).

  • Approximately 15K users participated. I looked at distribution of account creation timelines across the top 1%, 10%, 25%, 66% and all accounts. Consistently, around 23-27% of the accounts were created in the last 5 and half weeks. And that number goes up to 33-40%, if you include July as well. Think about that.

Paging Mr. Johnson

  • Wait, there’s more. I also looked into the top 5 most active accounts in terms of number of tweets and it was… something.

No. 1: Created within the last 3 weeks. Tweets mainly about the SSR case and shares a lot of Republic Links. 100% Retweets.

No. 2: Created < 3 days ago. Mainly tweeted about the SSR case, the Maharashtra government and Kangana Ranaut. <90% Retweets and some replies.

No. 3: Created in mid-July. Mainly tweets about the SSR case, lots of RepublicTV links (twitter and YouTube too). And manages to get to ~200 tweets per day.

No. 4: A veteran of sorts, with nearly 10 years on Twitter. Once again, recent activity has mainly been around the SSR case with a lot of RepublicTV links. And seems to average over 300 tweets/day.

No.5: Been around for a little over 2 years. Has a varied set of interests including protecting democracy and Sudarshan TV, supports a Uniform Civil Code, wages and exams. Limited sharing of Youtube and RepublicTV links. And recently, seems to averaging over 700 tweets per day.

Rocky, over to you again!

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