MisDisMal-Information #3 – This Week In Information Disorder Letter

This newsletter is published at techpolicy.substack.com

What is this? This newsletter aims to track information disorder largely from an Indian perspective. It will also look at some global campaigns and research.
What this is not? A fact-check newsletter. There are organisations like Altnews, Boomlive etc who already do some great work. It may feature some of their fact-checks periodically.

Change in schedule

While the first 2 editions of MisDisMal-Information went out on a Monday, future editions are more likely to go out Friday and Saturday to add to your weekend reading load.

Locker room talk

I warned you in Edition #2 that you haven’t signed up for good news. Undoubtedly, one of the most disturbing events on Indian Social Media last week were the leaked conversations from ‘boislockerroom’. The conspiracy theories surrounding the events are still flying about. I am not linking to or mentioning any of them because I can’t speak to their veracity at this point. We’ll just have to wait.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the topic # boyslockerroom caused a lot of activity and anger. What did surprise me was another related but opposing trend that was making its way up twitter’s trending section -# girlslockerroom. And invariably, when such topics come up, it is common to see activity on # notallmen and # yesallmen.

I used a combination of tools by OSoMe and some analysis using Twitters APIs to try and dig in a little.

I should call out that this chart using the Trends tool represents activity as a percentage relative to 10% of Twitter data per day. So it helps in looking at relative activity for different hashtags. It is interesting that, based on this dataset at least, the rise and fall in activity in the two hashtags appear to be concurrent. But don’t put on your tin foil hats just yet.

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