MisDisMal-Information #2 – This Week In Information Disorder Letter

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What is this? This newsletter aims to track information disorder largely from an Indian perspective. It will also look at some global campaigns and research.
What this is not? A fact-check newsletter. There are organisations like Altnews, Boomlive etc who already do some great work. It may feature some of their fact-checks periodically.

Welcome to Edition #2 of MisDisMal-Information.

Thank you special people!

Before getting into this edition’s content, I do want to thank everyone who has subscribed over the last week. It takes a special group of people to ask for more bad news in today’s world. Congratulations! You made the list.

Everyone uses information disorder equally, some just seem to be more equal. 

Last week, I had included some research by Syeda Zainab Akbar, Divyanshu Kukreti, Somya Sagarika and Joyojeet Pal titled Temportal Patterns in COVID-19 misinformation in India. I played around with their dataset (which they built on top of a database of fact-checks maintained by Tattle Civic Technologies) over the week. I specifically looked at those annotated as “Culture” and tried to determine which side of the political spectrum they were meant to favour. Now, let me admit that this will be subjective. I classified the 39 pieces of debunked items based on.
Target: International or Domestic
Political Leaning: R (Overtly nationalistic, anti-minority, pro-majority), L (pro-minority, anti-majority ), NA – No political leaning could be attributed.
I excluded those targeted at an international audience and removed duplicates.

Here’s what it looked like:

Now, do remember that this is a small sample set and that the culture category ‘may’ just be the most egregious case. If you are going to tweet this out- please share it responsibly, with the context.

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