Meet Our Alumni

Ujjwal Pandey is an engineer by profession. After completing our GCSS course, he joined McKinsey & Company as a Knowledge Analyst. 

“Since the early days, I was passionate to know about the governments functioning in the field of defense and security. However, coming from a technology background I had little understanding as to how a decision is taken between governments or how technology can be used as a tool for geopolitics?

I found answers to such intriguing questions when I joined the GCSS program of Takshashila Institution. This course offered a first-hand experience of governments decision making at the highest level. Moreover, the insights given by Gen. Menon gives us a clear understanding of how national security architecture actually works.  The war game is truly a distinguishing feature of this program. With this, one gets to understand the rationals behind the decisions taken inside an actual war room.

This program has expanded my understanding of the world and has certainly helped me in making a career shift from the technology industry to consulting. If you’re seeking to know more about diplomacy, foreign policy or international relations, I would certainly recommend joining GCSS course.”