Manoj Kewalramani speaks at Bangalore International Centre on Hong Kong Protests

Manoj Kewalramani, Fellow-China Studies at The Takshashila Institution, was part of a panel discussion at the Bangalore International Centre on discussing the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. The session, titled What’s Up in Hong Kong, was held on the evening of Saturday, November 16, 2019.

The panel, which was was moderated by Malavika Prasad, also included Professor Thomas Abraham and senior journalist N. Jayaram.

The key takeaways of Manoj’s presentation were:

  • The Hong Kong protests are about the political legitimacy of the One Country Two Systems structure and how Beijing was undermining it. However, the Chinese leadership is approaching this from security and economic prisms.
  • The escalation of the protests underlines Beijing’s lack of political dexterity.
  • Deploying PLA or PAP in Hong Kong will entail tremendous costs; therefore, the Chinese leadership is likely to focus on a strategy of attrition.
  • The Xi Jinping regime has used the Hong Kong protests to drum up nationalism in the mainland.

The full presentation can be accessed below.

Hong Kong Protests - BIC